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  •  Routines ... hmmm, let me think (5+ / 0-)

    About the only routine I can think of is that my pootie cat, LuvLee, Must Be Brushed every morning whilst I am eating breakfast. Okay, having breakfast is a routine, too, though what I eat is not.

    Anyway, LuvLee knows that her brush is kept on a little stand near my breakfast table and she carefully observes my meal preparations. As soon as I start putting things on the table, she gets in her Brush-me Position near my chair. Usually I'm allowed a sip of my coffee or tea before the brush-me looks commence, and sometimes a bite of food if she's feeling generous. Anyway, I alternate cat-brush strokes between bites of food (I can brush while I'm chewing) and I read a library book which is propped up on my table at the same time. Good thing I'm a multi-tasker!

    After she's sufficiently brushed and I've finished eating, Miss LuvLee usually settles herself in her boudoir (my bed) for morning meditation and nap time:
    LuvLee in her boudoir 101612-001

    FOUR MORE YEARS ! A huge Thank You and {{{ group hug }}} to all who volunteered, donated, and voted to make this happen!

    by jan4insight on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 09:01:30 AM PST

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