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  •  Thanks for the data. (1+ / 0-)
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    Actually, it's not true that since the 1980s Catholics have generally voted Republican.  I don't remember the number exactly, but I looked this up a few years ago, and I believe that Catholics went for the Democrat in all but one or two presidential elections since the 1980s.

    •  But if you look at white Catholics it's not (1+ / 0-)
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      Hispanic especially, and African American to some degree bring the Catholics to the Democrats.

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      Timaeus, Knockbally

      I did not mean that most Catholics vote Republican since the 1980s.  I meant that before 1980, Catholics were strongly Democratic voters.  After 1980, they are less Democratic and more Republican -- if you look at the Pew data in the link, the Catholic vote is slightly more Democratic than Republican in the last four elections (although in 2004, Bush got the majority of the Catholic vote), but only in 2008 did an actual majority of Catholics (>50%) vote for a Democratic President.

      I was in college in the mid-1970s, and recall learning in poli sci class that Catholics were reliably Democratic and liberal.  A few years later, a close family member who was very involved in liberal Catholic movements warned me that was no longer true (this was early 1980s) and that it was not likely that Catholics could be counted on to overturn the Reagan revolution.  I think that analysis is still correct -- Catholics are politically split and cannot be relied up to deliver big margins nationally for Democrats.  Perhaps as the Hispanic population grows, they may be able to deliver more Catholic votes, but again, I think that's because they are Hispanics, not because they are Catholics.

      nyuk, nyuk, nyuk -- Curley

      by hjkelly3 on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 08:35:52 AM PST

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