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View Diary: Boehner says GOP is willing to accept new revenues ... but not higher taxes (270 comments)

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  •  That's fine by me (4+ / 0-)

    The next two years is all about turning the House blue in 2014. No major legislation is going to be passed whether Boehner is Speaker or Cantor. Republicans are not going to compromise either way and Cantor is not as well versed in hiding that as Boehner.

    Let's not let 2014 be anything like 2010. Republicans only win when we stay home!

    by Tim D M on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 09:20:22 AM PST

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    •  It's all about pinning the blame on the GOP. (1+ / 0-)
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      Silvia Nightshade

      I think it should be a nonstop push of populous plans. Let them vote against tax cuts, jobs, infrastructure enhancements, education, healthcare, and progressive tax reforms. These bills should be targeted at the districts of the most vulnerable members of congress by which I mean those that put their interests over the majority of their constituents. That way when 2014 rolls around, ads can be run in their specific districts that point out to the voter that this and this would have improved your lives, but your representative voted against it. If they didn't vote against the plans, then that can be used as leverage to pull them away from the rest of the GOP. It's all about breaking apart GOP unity.

      They are shock and off balance right now, so now is the time to hit them and hard.

      I wouldn't worry too much about their threats that it would "poison the well" for relations with the next congress. They are really not planning on cooperating in any fashion anyway.

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