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View Diary: Joe Biden: unsung hero and key player to Obama victory. (14 comments)

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  •  THIS, times 1,000,000 (8+ / 0-)

    This notion of Biden the gaffe machine and other myths better die.  He gets precious little credit for his amazing gifts, which he honed like a razor.  He could be the sage veteran legislator, your favorite uncle, a fierce advocate for justice and fairness, a spirited cheerleader.  More than that, he could turn on a dime and target his audience. Compare that to the one-trick pony that was Paul Ryan.

    He is an immense asset to this administration, and was instrumental in our success in this campaign.  

    Thanks, Joe (and of course thanks to Jill).  You are everything a progressive public servant should be.  And you also know how to win elections.

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