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View Diary: Why the GOP Will Double Down on a Losing Strategy (49 comments)

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    I don't really know why anyone expects differently. I heard Mona Charen on "On Point" yesterday and she was in total denial. Whenever she was asked about Republican outreach to latinos and blacks all she could do was repeat Romney's talking points about how much better off those groups would have been if Romney had won, and say that they had no chance of getting the black vote against a black president and that Bush had tried to reach out to the black community with NCLB which was "designed to help inner city schools" and that didn't get him many black votes.
    All other demographic questions got the same response, youth, women, whoever, would be better off with Republicans in charge and they just needed to realize that.
    I have not heard any major Republican voice make any kind of concession that the election was in any way a repudiation of their policies. They lost because of Sandy, or because of Christie or because the ravening hordes of "takers" has overrun the country, or because Obama was so mean to Romney, or ....
    They also look back just one election cycle and see that when they dismissed any calls for compromise after Obama's first stunning election, they were rewarded with control of the House in 2010. That leaves many of them to feel they should pursue the same strategy, and in reality, that's a tough argument to counter.
    Unless and until we can continue to organize and take back the House, and expand our lead in the Senate in 2014, we'll see more of the same from them.
    I've never bought all the happy talk going around about how this election is going to force the Republicans to "soul search" and reconsider their policies. They need to be beaten badly, several elections in a row, before they'll do that.

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