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    But, I thought only the poor vote Democratic? :)

    I grew up in CT and I've lived in GA and FL since. I lived in a very wealthy area in CT that was as blue as the ocean and where I am in GA is just as high income except blood red. The differences are startling.

    First, of all, the religious influences. Where I was in CT was heavily Jewish and very liberal. Where I am here is almost totally Christian (with their mega churches and all) and highly conservative. My liberal upbringing had rich people that saw the need and moral obligation to help others. They also saw that taxes paid to keep a properly running infrastructure from the roads to city services. If anyone knows Atlanta, they know what a disaster the transportation system is, how overburden the roads are, and how the ingrates never let any transportation proposal pass to ease the misery.

    Here, people are reduced to being called sponges and they have an absurd obsession with taxes. Never will they concede that their tax rate is actually lower than before Obama took office.

    There is absolutely no ability to have a discussion, as everything seems to turn to rage in a split second. At the county fair, the head of our local Democratic Party said that she had many proud racists talk to her. Proud of their hate, proud of their hate of the President, etc.

    Sports for children rein supreme here. Arts, music, etc., nah, that's just garbage. Science? Ha! Our kids have actually told us of other children in their classes that believe the earth is 9,000 years old. They think the kids are nuts, so at least we're doing our job.

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