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  •  On an unrelated side note (17+ / 0-)

    You mentioning Bernie reminded me of something that surprised me Tuesday night.
    We live in a small town in VT which tallies votes the old fashioned way, by hand counting, and we have been volunteer counters for as long as we've lived here.
    I was absolutely stunned by how many ballots I saw with a presidential vote for Romney, and a Senate vote for Bernie. I didn't take any counts, but I'd say at least 25% of Romney voters I counted also voted for Sanders.
    It still confounds me.
    By the way, to address your point, I have also become more liberal with age. I actually voted for Ron Paul once when he ran as the Libertarian party candidate for president. Then I grew up some.

    •  Bernie is very, very good with Vets (4+ / 0-)

      He is very well known at the state's VA hospitals, due to his advocacy on behalf of vets seeking care. He is also a true populist (a message that resonates with conservatives on the economic edge), and his office does a LOT of constituent service.

      Bernie walks the walk in a very concrete way. People know it. "Socialist" may be a perjorative in the national party, but in VT, it has very little impact, because the effect of Bernie's socialist tendencies on the real lives of people in need makes them appreciate him.

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