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  •  Diversity is here to stay. (10+ / 0-)

    Hello. I grew up in Kern County, home of the current house majority whip who handily defeated his challenger. I'm an Asian female. I went to college. I'm studying for my Ph.D. now.

    That wouldn't be possible if certain people didn't give my father a chance in the 1970's. He came here to escape the political instability of that island nation of Taiwan. A residency program director believed in my dad. An immigration lawyer from Chicago believed in my dad and was on TOP of it when a separate quota was allocated to Taiwan, separating it from China's. The immigration officer knew about said lawyer and basically gave my dad a free pass to a green card (the interview was mostly about the lawyer and less about my dad because my dad wasn't all that interesting - he was a fresh MD grad from Taiwan looking for opportunity in America).

    These people who were in a position to deny my dad entry into this country did not. They believed in him that he had something good to bring to American society... especially where there was a shortage of physicians who did NOT want to work or receive their training in inner city hospitals.

    The result? He spawned two kids. My brother will be a doctor and I'll be a scientist/engineer.

    I know what it's like to be made fun of for being different. I've been there and I've been there on the brunt end of bullying. It sucks but I got over it and I don't think about the people who made fun of me - I don't even remember their names anymore. Barack Obama has me beat on the severity of insults, though.

    Now, being in that 18-25 age group, I can safely say that at a public school, you see a lot more minorities. The young generation came to realize that the stereotypes don't match (at the very least, not all the time). We become friends with people who are gay when we meet them in person and witness that they are like any other person - they also have dreams, aspirations, and decency. We realize the humanity in others when we put aside the stereotypes we have been used to.

    So quit with the xeno, homo or whatever else phobia ya got. We are real diverse people and we are here to stay. <3

    Push a button and it goes "Ding!"

    by Future Gazer on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 11:09:23 AM PST

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