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View Diary: Wealthy Romney backers are very, very mad because Mitt's campaign staff told them he would win (266 comments)

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  •  If we as a party provide policy that has a (0+ / 0-)

    positive impact on the lives of working people we will have earned their loyalty. If we earn their loyalty they will be with us now matter if the candidate is a man or woman black or white or otherwise.

    But we must deliver policies that have a real impact on peoples lives. Or be seen as fighting like hell for the working class and the middle class. If the catfood commission leaders get their way we could lose that loyalty. We have an opportunity to completely reverse the "Reagan Revolution" and put this country on the path to progressivism. But we could also still blow it. What we do over the next 6 months will be decisive.

    Joe is a fighter. And so is Hillary. I could support either of them. If Hillary runs she will do it has the third term of Obama. If Joe runs he will use the office of VP to fight for the Obama agenda. But cabinet decisions will be critical. The President gets to decide what the battles are going to be. And we have to let him know strongly what we as progressives support.

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