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    Being retired most years I give more time than money and feel a little guilty about that being too easy an out.

    I equate it to the sort of investment in time you see in the places where peoples decorations for Halloween, and Christmas range from catching your eye to blowing your mind. (Thanksgiving not so much)

    I suppose some people spend just as much time gardening or mowing their lawn really really well. Some people like to invest their time in hunting, fishing, making sharp pointy things, sailing, banging on their drum all day or maybe watching sports and playing video games on the couch.

    Americans are big on leisure.

    I do a lot of that stuff and some other stuff too, but for me politics is special. Over time as you learn the drill working elections becomes easier and easier.  You know where to go to canvas and where to go to phone bank and where and when to attend a meeting.  You know where the people who store the wickets from the yard signs of campaigns past live and who has a pickup you can load up with billboards.

    Most years for most of us being involved in an election doesn't take all that much time, but this year, in this election it seems like time was worth more than money.

    Living in Maine for the last few years I have been doing less than what used to be the norm living in Massachusetts.

    I'm still feeling pretty good about the results but wondering now that we have reached consensus about our social values what a few more house parties and tables in front of polling places might have accomplished in years past.

    Maybe in general the difference in where to put in the time reflects the fact the population is older here and consequently where I live now phone banking is the bulk of the effort. Maybe its just that being more rural and a little older canvassing gets left to people whose legs still function well and visibilities get neglected. I worry about that some, but then there is always that one guy doing something to surprise you.

    The four x eight foot orange billboards reading "yes on 1" placed in just about every yard along route 1 from Old County Road up past the prison in Thomaston and running from that hub out across every major road in Knox County were all home made. Mike Mayo made them.

    It takes very little time to become a delegate, go to the state convention, get some free yard signs and put them up. Giving a few hundred dollars as a contribution to a candidate is easy enough if you are working.  

    Its a lot more impressive to see something reeking of passion like the electric light brigade's campaign to recall Walker in Wisconsin.

    The long lines of people who gave up a days pay to stand in line to vote  from dawn to dusk and properly show their collective contempt for Scott's attempts at voter suppression in Florida had the sort of quiet passion and resolve  that brings tears to your eyes

    Live Free or Die --- Investigate, Incarcerate

    by rktect on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 06:17:30 AM PST

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