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    In this election the term "marriage equality" seems to have been used more often than "gay marriage".  I wonder if that "marriage equality" term was poll-tested and found to be more acceptable to swing voters.  

    When the U.S. Supreme Court considers in conference on Nov. 20 whether it will hear the appeal of Calif Prop 8 from the 9th Circuit and/or the appeals of the overturns of DOMA by the 1st and 2nd Circuits, the Justices will no doubt have in their minds that 4 states on November 6 voted in favor of marriage equality.  Previously, we had what 32 of 32 losses on statewide votes on marriage equality.  In some small measure perhaps the November 6 results may persuade one or more Justices to conclude that the "time has come" to accept marriage equality.  Or perhaps the Court will do the opposite and eventually issue its own "Dred Scott" decision.

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