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  •  Some mothers were seriously pissed at Romney (30+ / 0-)

    A commentator on CNN can't remember her name, said some women vote on more than economics issues this year. She listed contraceptives battle, abortion, etc, but also mentioned education. She cited Romney going after Big Bird as silly as it sounded, signalling to mothers that this guy didn't care about their children's education and that turned them off.

    Anyhoo, I just believe it was another example of Romney not sharing their values. Obama soundly won that question in the exit polling.

    •  The big bird/PBS issue is a huge deal to (3+ / 0-)
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      AmazingBlaise, Cassandra Waites, BYw

      Moms and Dads everywhere.

      Sesame street is one of the few children's shows that is seriously dedicated to education of pre-schoolers and younger.

      Sesame Street teaches kids the value of tolerance and multi-culturalism, kindness, charity, and community. And it teaches pre-reading skills and the very beginnings of math to small children which contributes to literacy.

      Families from every walk of life appreciate Sesame Street, but it is the poor that truly need it.  People who cannot afford cable and receive the BOOM channel or Cartoon Network, which are really more aimed at entertainment than education--same thing with Disney and Nick.

      Imagine how many low income children learn pre-reading and basic comportment from Sesame Street.

      When you add to that that PBS also hosts NOVA, NATURE and Frontline, those are three adult programs that regularly run shows that are diametrically opposed to the GOP/Dominionist Agendas.

      Frontline works regularly with Pro-Publica in hard hitting investigative journalism that involves big GOP donors.

      NATURE and NOVA promote SCIENCE! esp, Evolution.

      The attack on PBS is a concerted one to deprive Americans of Free, mostly Commercial Free, Educational Programing.

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