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    Neon Vincent

    The Tea Party, as hypocritical as their claim that everyone except for them is immoral, has a point in the focus on fiscal responsibility.  The party faithful spoke of the fiscal problems, and spoke of the need not to get into other realms of political controversy.  However, they failed. Some of it was their own fault.  They allowed themselves to fall into trap of using fiscal responsibility to cut programs they did not like, instead fo using an objective basis.  We see this in removal of funding for women's health.  They also allowed themselves to believe a non trivial number of non-conservatives would flock to the party.  

    Others was thrust upon it.  Michelle Bachman, and others like her, were a lethal blow.  It turned out that most people who said they were interested in budget were actually interested in controlling what other people did.  This is consistent with Reagan/Bush who both reduced freedoms and increased the federal debt by large percentages.  A party of Michael Cain would be a party of social, not fiscal, conservatives.  But a party of objective fiscal conservatives might be an improvement, even on of Rand conservatives.  One who feels, as she did, that the fetus has no rights, those who are religious are mentally undeveloped, and that all non productive people should go to some far away island and not bother the rest of us.

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