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  •  Sad is that some Republicans have the right idea (1+ / 0-)
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    On some of the conservative forums, some posters have made the case that American demographics are changing and that the same tactics that previously won elections-villifying minorities, social issues aren't working and the GOP needs to go back to being about small government and fiscal responsibility.

    Of course these few sane people are shouting down by the moral majority patrol who don't want to listen to anything that's wrong with their party. Sadly it's the same way at my work, people think the reason Obama won is that our country is in moral decline and only wants free stuff (whatever that is). They don't seem to realize that many younger people are turned off by all the moralizing and demonizing of minorities and the emergence of the God patrol and make them not want to vote for any Republican.

    In my local election, there was a Republican candidate who a moderate and had some good ideas but because of what the head Republicans had done during Obama's first four years, I couldn't give my vote to him or his party.They don't realize how their actions have tainted the GOP. Perhaps they need a couple years of soul searching but from what I see most are becoming more militant instead of less. I don't see any comprising with the POTUS.

    •  Obviously sumpins gotts go on the gop side. (0+ / 0-)

      They must jettison something, like christian-influenced social issues. Just cant see them actually making the change though. Their anti-reality force field took a hit, but its still up.

    •  Some of my moderate Republican friends (0+ / 0-)

      have voted for Obama twice now.  If the Dems nominate another moderate candidate in 2016 this may become a permanent shift.

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