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  •  Also, "poaching" older white males (0+ / 0-)

    goes better than what any of the so-called experts have been telling us.

    It's "poaching" when the voter commits to your opponent, when polled, so you go after him later on down the road. After you've researched him.

    Mailers, door-hangers, coordination with radio ads, personal phone calls, maybe social media if and when we get around to it.

    It's cheap.

    The physical materials are testable on a small scale. Then you can go large. It ended up costing an estimate $12 a vote, based on follow-up calls and based on double-counting because you're taking a vote away from the opponent.

    If the main campaign spent $1-billion to get 60,000,000 votes, they spent $16 a vote and didn't have to specificy.

    This $3.5-million on poaching went to NC, GA, FL for the presidential. ($1,000,000 in FL. $100,000 in GA to soften things up for 2016.)

    AZ, MT, ND for the senatorials.

    ND was a thing of beauty. Rick Berg GOPer had given a speech bragging about helping put drones all over America. The Libertarian candidate ended up getting 10,000 votes, more than twice what the Libertarian candidate for Governor received -- while Heidi won by 3,000 votes !!

    Smart tactics and $600,000 !! Not sure what the radio guys were spending. Anything that helps the Libbies is good with us.

    May sound stupid to blow money in ND. But look at the Senate in 2013.

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