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View Diary: Conservative blogger considers taking a dump on the lawn of Democratic neighbors (46 comments)

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  •  He's having a good wallow. If I caught him (6+ / 0-)

    crapping on my lawn, he would be a star. On You-tube and the local news, and there may be a water hose involved.

    Oh Sorry Eric, I didn't mean to spray you with the hose, it's just I thought you were that damn dog from down the street that keeps shitting on my lawn.

    Here's some TP.

    See ya in court dude.

    I don't really care if this person would help me or not. His dysfunction is not a model for me to live down to.

    •  redistributing the wealth (2+ / 0-)
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      GreenMother, Uniter

      I'd be tempted to engage in the sophmoric trick of putting it in a flaming paper bag and rining the door bell.  But that would only be stooping to their level - let alone contributing to CO2 levels, and anyway it makes good compost (not for vegetables though).

      Since he is undoubtedly untrained in lifesaving, I'd probably end up saving him!

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