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View Diary: Please, Please read. I need information on student loan problems-I fear for my daughter’s future (36 comments)

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  •  A few suggestions, but first a caveat: (5+ / 0-)

    I am not an attorney, I'm not a financial aid counselor at a college or university, and I don't work at a bank.  I don't even manage my own money well.

    1) You need an attorney to help you sort out the issues.  There are potential issues of jurisdiction here--the state in which your daughter currently resides, the state in which your ex-wife resides, the state in which your daughter went to school--so you'll have to work with someone who can address these complex questions.

    2) You say that you and your ex each agreed to fund every-other year of college.  Was this part of the divorce decree or was it a simple agreement?  If it was a simple agreement and not part of the divorce decree, do you have any documentation--not necessarily a legally-executed agreement--that will prove that?  Are there e-mails, letters, anything like that, which will reference this arrangement?

    3) You will need to get a record of payments to the university during the years for which your ex took out the loans.  You need to know what monies were paid by your ex when.  Your daughter also needs to find a way to document the monies she personally received from your ex-wife for living expenses and the like.  In other words, you need to document the discrepancy between what was borrowed and what was paid in benefit of your daughter.  To put it bluntly, you have to document your ex-wife's theft.  Although this will be difficult, it will be necessary.  You might as well start this process now, because it will likely be time consuming.  That said, I bet, if this turns legal, there will be some type of discovery.  Any information your daughter and you can provide on your own when first meeting with an attorney will be helpful.

    4) I repeat: You need to get an attorney.   Which sounds counter-intuitive, I know, since the issue is not having money.  But you need some muscle and experience behind you and, in this situation, both of those come from sage legal counsel.

    Good luck!

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