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View Diary: Tearful President Obama: "I'm Really Proud of All of You." (246 comments)

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    Obama used some of that same language 4.5 years ago: "Lifting me up".  Working together.  Pride in what we've built.  This is not about me.  You guys discovering your collective ability to move our nation forward.  He even mentioned single moms who don't have health insurance for their kids.  

    But what is also incredible is how he pivoted so well and so easily from thanking them for their work and congratulating them for their contributions to the realities and pressures of needing to win, not for him, not even for them, but for the sake of all those people he has met who otherwise would not have been helped by McCain; for the sake of all those important issues that the other side would only pay lip service to but not tackle seriously.  It was a really striking moment when the camera panned to the audience near the end and you could see the sudden urgency in all those kids' faces to hear their candidate paint for them the direct impact that their hard work would have—that their hard work NEEDED to have.

    Whoever says Obama has no management skill can shove it.  My father is the CEO of his own business and I have sat in company meetings in which he's painted grim realities or rallied the troops (and he is very effective at both)...and as good as he is at that, it is nothing, I mean nothing, as good as what I saw here in then-Senator Obama.  

    We are very lucky to have this gentleman as our President for another four.

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    by therehastobeaway on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 09:31:43 PM PST

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