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  •  Though they did write in (4+ / 0-)
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    Jeff Y, implicate order, Trix, earicicle

    "Collective consciousness", "Trotsky", "UGA",

    and had some other solid votes against Paul Broun other than Mr. Darwin, including "Admrial Akbar", "Albus Dumbeldore", a ton of variations on "Anyone else", "Bam Gay", a decent number of votes for Big Bird and Bill Nye, Burning Bag of Dog Shit, Copernicus, Doritos (from what must have been an early celebrator of the Colorado-Washington ballot initiatives), Evolution, George Darwin, Homo Erectus, several votes for Jimmy Carter (it is Georgia),

    "Lurr, Ruler of Planet Omicron Persei 8", "Mohammed", "Neil Degrass Tyson", Noam Chomsky, "Pedro",  a rather large chunk of votes for "Pete McCommunist", "Reason", "Santa Claus" (them Obama voters did want Santa Claus), 8 votes for science, The Great Pumpkin, "Vacant Seat", Vermin Supreme, Coldemort, and "Zelda"

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