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  •  Hitler vs. Heisenberg (3+ / 0-)
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    Hitler and Speer, together. They were willing to do anything.  

    Thing was, Szilard's toy was in the works on both sides. "One bomb, one city" was certain to change everything. What altered the economics and made bomb production practical was the appearance of plutonium as scientists ran the first reactors.

    Germany could not afford the uranium version.

    The question in the 1940s -- if Heisenberg had not fooled Hitler and Speer -- would have been who could produce the first plutonium bombs. That is not a particularly difficult build. America spent billions on a uranium bomb project and ended up with one weapon, "Little Boy."  The "Fat Man" plutonium project took a tiny fraction of those resources.

    Heisenberg neglected to mention plutonium during his presentations to the Nazi higher-ups. This included meetings with Hitler who was desperate to find a super-weapon. Heisenberg succeeded in "admitting" to Hitler and Speer that a uranium-based fission bomb could not be prepared before 1945. The overall nuclear program was then removed from the resource structure of the German army.

    Any slight effort at quality control by Hitler with respect to the nuclear program, originally der Uranverein, would have discovered Heisenberg's treason during the first round of interviews. He and every person with a drop of his blood in their veins would have been slaughtered.

    Who else at any point in the history of this planet has done more than Werner Heisenberg?

    Who else kept closed the gates of Hell?

    Hitler with a plutonium bomb in 1943/1944 would have destroyed our civilizations and committed genocides by the score. Monsters such as Adolf Eichmann would have become the new saints.

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