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View Diary: Krugman asks the President a question on Republican obstructionism (213 comments)

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  •  Lame Duck (feature-not-bug) will enrage voters if (3+ / 0-)

    there is a sustained effort to educate them of the simple point that any major controversial decision, that is rushed through before newly elected Senators and Congressmen are installed amounts to the ultimate contempt for voters.

    Such education is entirely within the power of Obama, Reid and Pelosi to achieve, if they are willing to expend a lot of their political capital on it.

    Such education may well be within the power of Progressive Senators and Congressmen (helped by Kossacks and other activists) to achieve, or at least to credibly threaten, which might be necessary in order to get the big 3 on board.

    The threat of this education must be used to pressure the entire DC village. The villagers who are most difficult to pressure are the MSM opinion leaders, who are very invested in the idea that it is a feature, rather than a bug, that lame duck Senators and Representatives might be persuaded to do a Grand Bargain that they would never have agreed to if they wanted to win future elections.

    •  Right On - Educator in Chief (1+ / 0-)
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      his acceptance speech was very well done

      lets see if he can educate the people

      how about educating them on the perils of the Grand Bargain

      wait, he is for it

      How about educating the people that Social Security is not Broke

      wait he said in the first debate that his position on SS is very similar to Romney

      He can start on something that is obvious: The Republicans are holding in balance the full faith and credit of the USA for ideological positions. They are dangerous. Shout that from the mountain tops so they are forced to take a public stand against the best interests of the country.

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