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View Diary: HaHaHa! Redstate Still Claiming PPP Skewed The Polls and Still Attacking Nate Silver (137 comments)

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    Matt Z, nellgwen

    My mouth dropped when I read Mr. Steven's front page post. Not that I care what he believes because the more denial that persists amongst conservative voices, the longer they prolong their chances of building a coalition that can actually reverberate with the American people. But it is shocking that someone would take up so many pixels with such a mind-boggling lack of understanding on how polling works. I can only be happy that this type of denial isn't coming from our side of the political divide because I'm embarrassed for that sucker.

    I'm also in awe that Red State is counting on the current demographics to hold up moving forward. They had the perfect environment to absolutely destroy us from the federal level on down to the local level and they flailed. Any marked improvement in the economy will completely destroy any predictions they may be banking on moving forward.

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