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View Diary: The case against the nomination of John Kerry as Secretary of State (110 comments)

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  •  plenty of Dems does not mean plenty of Senatorial (0+ / 0-)

    level Dem candidates

    not in this instance

    did you not think I, being on Kos and also living in MA, would not think of the fact that there are more Dems in MA than say in Utah? I am telling you the facts as they are, you are quite dismissive. If you are here and I mistake you that's one thing but head in the sand because you dont' really know not being here and make assumptions...not good if a lot of Dems outside of MA do that. Reminds me of Coakley's run..."of course she''ll win she's a shoe in she's a Dem in MA"

    yup that's what everyone I watched the start of her implosion. I hope we don't all go through that again.

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