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View Diary: Rush is "losing his country?" Good. (12 comments)

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  •  The silent majority is finally dying (6+ / 0-)

    The good ones from the Boomer generation did a lot, but from a demographic position of weakness.

    My generation (X) has been too small to change it, and until recently, too "junior".  And we have our own "silent half" to contend with.  Half of us are tools too.

    But now the remnants of the "good" boomers, plus half of my generation, 55-60% of GenY and 2/3 of the very large population of Millenials.....

    Yeah.  We're now the majority.  Only gerrymandering and minority-empowering structures in our electorate (the Senate, the electoral college, all states getting at least 1 rep regardless of size) and holdover courts put in place by Nixon's "silent majority" are holding us back.

    If we just hold the line against the crazy another decade or so, even that won't be enough.  This election scared me, because it looked like we might fail to hold the line.

    From now on, status quo helps us, and each step forward is harder to undo.

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