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    OMG, MIL is a mess.  She fell backwards while drying herself after a shower yesterday.  The MD prescribed Tylenol with codeine for the pain and extra Lasix and 30-40 mm Hg compression stockings for the peripheral edema in her legs. Since the place at the hospital that carries the stockings closed before we could get there yesterday, I went today, only to find that they weren't in stock and that they couldn't get them until 11/20.  Two other places I called didn't have them in stock, either.  Went to CVS and thought I'd bought a pair for $23, but turned out it was for only one stocking.  It was too tight for MIL anyway.  Bought her a heating pad, which worked for a while but then she became too hot.  The Tylenol doesn't seem to work.  She can barely get in and out of her recliner.  The Lasix causes her to pee more, and she didn't make it to the toilet, peeing on the floor and her slippers.  She also can barely get up off the pot.  Went back to her house, which is in the process of being fixed up to rent, to get her raised toilet seat, only to find that it was firmly in place and I didn't have the tools to detach it.  Found some canes, which I brought back to her.  I shortened them all the way and placed them by the toilet.  We'll see if they work, because she was unable to use the walker to lift herself.  She was hinting about going to the ER, but I dissuaded her, saying that if the MD thought that was the right thing to do, she would have recommended it.

    She's looking more and more like a candidate for assisted living.  Guess we'll have to rent her house out quickly so she can afford it.  Meanwhile I've offered to help her shower once a week (her preference).  She's so lucky to not have broken a hip or cracked her head open, given the number of times she's fallen.

    It really sucks to get old.

    Sorry for the rant, but I warned you.  Have a good weekend.

    •  Does she have a shower stool? (1+ / 0-)
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      It was recommended as something to buy at the local medical supply store when I had my (first) knee surgery, so I have one.  So far, I've managed well enough not to have to use it, but at least it's an option.

      When I was at the therapy / rehab place immediately after knee surgery, they had a little wheel chair affair with a toilet seat cut out (presumably to use for those who couldn't wash their privates?).  While each room had a toilet and sink and privacy with a door that closed, there were no private showers, so this giant communal room for bathing had to do.  There were tubs where people could be lifted in, other showers besides the one I used and I had to be seated and my leg wrapped in clear plastic because the incision wasn't completely healed yet.  Each area had curtains around them, but still.... [I'm not an ancient Roman, so this whole idea of a community bath of sorts just made my stomach roll with revulsion.]

      The bathroom inside of the assisted living apartments had showers with a large floor area with a little lip in the floor so the water wouldn't get on the floor, but low enough and smooth enough that a wheeled shower chair could be used or a regular shower chair like I have without wheels, and so the little lip could be stepped over without any problem because it was low.

      I looked at the apartments for a place to move to because I need to get away from this stairway where I live, and while it was nice (if more small and compact than I'd actually need), the carpeting stunk so bad I knew I'd never survive it, so the idea of moving there was nipped in the bud really fast.  In fact, my stomach started to heave like I was going to vomit, it was so bad.  I still don't know if it was new carpeting or the chemical stench of carpet cleaners from the last resident, but it was perfectly awful.  I asked if they had any apartments without carpeting, and they didn't.

      In any case, the important point I was trying to make is that if you have a medical supply store, they might have a shower chair?

      This is like the one I have and it's a cream/white color - it's a bench model without a back.

      There are a whole bunch of shower chairs and benches - three pages worth, at this link.  Failing that, try Googling 'shower chairs for elderly.'  There are pages and pages of links, a variety of price ranges and quality.

      I'm so sorry your MIL has pain that even drugs won't help.  Been there, done that.  It's pretty miserable.  Best wishes to her, and thank you for being there to help her.

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        Yes, she has a built-in shower bench that is hinged and can swing into place, which I suggested she use.  She balked at using it, thinking it would be all wet, but at least she could dry most of herself while seated.

        I forgot to mention that I found her sweatshirt in the tub, which had been jaggedly cut up the front.  Apparently she accidentally urinated on it and didn't want to take it off over her head, so she cut herself out of it.  Since she has pretty bad tremors, it was all jagged.  I don't think I could have replicated that pattern if I'd tried.  Poor MIL.

        Thank you for your suggestions.  Have a great weekend.

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