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View Diary: The Compromise that Pres. Obama should offer to GOP Leaders (32 comments)

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    this is a solid starting point for negogiation.

    I would add that cap gains and shared interest should stay at current rates for the first 250k,then go to normal rates.

    If they can find a way to raise the effective rates on the top 2% to the Clinton era levels without messing with the table rates,fine.

    Corporate rates...same deal. Eliminate all the crap that reduces effective rates selectively, raising revenue,then current rates can stay the same or even go down a bit.

    Level the playing field so that corps and individuals with the best tax attorneys are not allowed to escape the tax man.

    •  It would not be seen as a good faith offer (1+ / 0-)
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      Roger Fox

      from the President.

      He campaigned on a (to quote him) "balanced" approach -- with a combination of tax increases and spending cuts.  

      This is a proposal for tax increases.  It can't possibly meet the President's own criteria -- that he campaigned on -- without corresponding spending cuts.  

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