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View Diary: Stunned Republicans try to figure out what went wrong and repackage for the future (259 comments)

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    Why? Because the modern GOP is a theocratic party underwritten by rich reactionaries.

    When your base and a large portion of your party leaders across the country and in D.C. believe that evolution is a fraud inspired by Satan, that climate change is just a scam for atheist scientists to collect grant money, that Adam and Eve had vegetarian dinosaurs for neighbors in the Garden of Eden 5,000 years ago, and that the Constitution should take a back seat to the Bible, there is no chance for real change in the Republican Party. It's a party dominated by religious zealots who also subscribe to a warped version of American Exceptionalism—in which slaves were happy and Native Americans got what they deserved—and it's all bankrolled by fabulously wealthy white men who want to return to the financial, regulatory, and labor climate of the 19th century. The rich guys get what they want from the Christianist base—reliable votes at election time—and the Christianist leaders gets what they want from the rich guys—money, and lots of it. It's a relationship that works very well for them, and they will never voluntarily do anything to alter that relationship, including re-examining their own views and attitudes. When confronted by defeat, religious zealots do only one thing—double down on their zealotry.

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