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View Diary: Apparently, You Can't Filibuster Incompetence (127 comments)

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  •  Actually, no (none)
    The presiding officer - probably Cheney, but if Frist (= Dobson) is feeling especially lucky that day, Ted Stevens (= Margaret Thatcher, or any other old lady you care to name) - will make his ruling on the basis that the 'Advice and Consent' clause (II-2-2), by making explicit that 2/3 of the Senate is required to approve treaties but specifying no fraction for judges, implicitly requires only a majority to consent to judges, and that this supersedes any rule that in effect requires more.  

    The Senate Parliamentarian, as a man of both faith and conscience, appointed by the Republican majority, disagrees and will recommend against this ruling.

    Still, legislative filibusters will patently remain unaffected.

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