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View Diary: Apparently, You Can't Filibuster Incompetence (127 comments)

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  •  Ummm, not exactly (none)
    Tabling the motion has precedence over calling the question.  See

    Rule XXII

    Usually, tabling the motion has the same ultimate effect as the filibuster, i.e., the motion under debate is not enacted, so the filibusterers usually will vote enthusiastically for tabling.  Alas, not in this case.

    •  uggabugga flow chart (none)
      There's a flow chart at uggabugga that clarifies this.

      Part of the chart goes:

      • Frist asserts that extended debate on the Owen nomination is constitutionally impermissible

      • Cheney rules in Frist's favor

      • Reid raises a point of order that this is a constitutional question, and this therefore debatable (and subject to filibuster)

      • Cheney rules against Reid's point of order

      • Reid appeals the ruling of the chair

      • Frist makes a non-debatable motion to table Reid's appeal (requires 50 votes)

      So what I'm saying is that Cheney's ruling in Frist's favor (constitutionality) isn't the problem. It's his ruling against Reid on the point of order (debatability). This is what has the effect of lowering the required number of votes from 60 to 51.

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