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  •  Joe Miklosi was from Aurora. Coffman (1+ / 0-)
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    Belle Ame

    had enough redness left in his district and he ran a good introduction ad that portrayed him as a solid citizen from Aurora, veteran who went above the call of duty to serve multiple tours and this ran for a long time before Joe got his advertising running.  

    That said, the most devastating ad I saw the whole cycle at any level was the one by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee about "Who is Joe Miklosi to make life and death decisions about stem cell research?"  I imagine the ad was redone for various districts, but it made my wife volunteer that she would vote against Coffman if we were still in his district.  I went out and knocked on doors for him, but unfortunately he lost by an unchallengeable margin.

    The ad wars between the candidates were very fierce, but I think Joe lost because Coffman was out there first and he was the incumbent.

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