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  •  The complete meltdown many a poster had (1+ / 0-)
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    Was not reality based at all.  It was having a complete meltdown.  Reagan did far worse in his first debate with Mondale (he looked downright addled) and I don't recall a complete Republican meltdown after that even as quite a few admitted he came off badly.

    On the other hand people thinking it was some sort of brilliant strategy by Obama was not reality based either but I will say I saw far less of that than the OTT meltdowns declaring the election is over, he lost it last night, we might as well say hello to President Romney.

    Reality based were the posters saying Obama lost the first debate but he didn't blow the election.  That is was an off night but it wasn't the worst debate performance in the history of debates.

    In other words reality based is not recognizing when things go wrong but it is also recognizing that things are not near as dire as pundits like Matthews and Shulz are saying

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