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    Odysseus, JamieG from Md

    I think that in order to win elections in the future, the Democratic Party has to develop a new economic plan that goes beyond what Barack Obama has campaigned on.

    Specifically, we need bold new ideas for manufacturing, education, energy, health care and conservation.

    Manufacturing:  We need to start talking about and planning for the industries of tomorrow that will involve Americans making things.  What might these things be?  Electric cars.  Fuel cells.  New mass transit systems.  Or maybe start making our iPhones and xboxes and whatnot right here in America rather than China.  These could all involve new grant programs, tax credits, and subsidies as jumpstarts.  Any other ideas?  Let's hear them and start talking about them!

    Education:  We need new ideas in education.  How do we leverage technology to provide better education for each child or adult who seeks it?  How do we ensure that everyone has access to quality education at all levels?  Should we have a vocational and/or higher education system that provides free education to anyone who earns admission to it?

    Energy:  We desperately need to develop non-petroleum based energy sources.  Can we develop new public works programs to build massive wind or solar energy farms?  Or subsidize private industry to do that? Or the development of biofuel technology?

    Health Care:  We need to get behind and develop the technology to use the new human genome information that we have in order to improve preventative healthcare.  We also need to somehow eat healthier as a nation.  The best way for us to improve our health and cut healthcare costs would be for us to prevent illness in these ways.  And we also need to strengthen and expand medicare and medicaid.

    Conservation:  If Americans are so proud of how beautiful our country is, can't we get motivated to clean it up and preserve its natural beauty?

    Bold new programs and ideas in each of these areas translate to good new jobs and the strengthening of the country.  It would be wise for our party to develop them even as we still try to recover from the disaster of the Bush years.

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