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  •  LOL! Yeah, but, well, I was working on a hunch (2+ / 0-)
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    JVolvo, Creosote

    Other sites were down, too (like blogads), which was, in turn, affecting yet other sites (like nearly all the SoapBlox blogs), so I had reason to poke around to try to figure out what was happening, and why certain sites were working for some users with some browsers, but not others.

    Turns out, for example, Safari has a much shorter timeout interval than Firefox, so Safari users were entirely unable to reach certain sites if the NYC hop was slow enough to cause the full-round trip (usually about 15 hops from router to router in my tests) exceed the timeout interval. Chrome and IE have timeout intervals similar to Safari.

    Firefox users weren't having any problems.

    I had to determine whether the issue was the underlying code, or something else - and I was suspicious due to other weird behaviors at some sites after Sandy.

    So, mostly, I'm just a major geek - with an itch for political info.

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