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  •  I see neither (4+ / 0-)

    an affair nor any great mysterious conspiracy.  There were severe differences in the command conferences over the Benghazi situation as it developed.  Several accounts report that General Carter Ham of AFRICOM attempted to send in a strike team in direct contradiction of White House orders and was summarily cashiered by his second in command.  The general was summarily relieved of command by the White House immediately thereafter.  Likewise Admiral Charles Gaouette, commander of Carrier Strike Group 3 was relieved of command and sent home to face investigation for "errors of judgement", reportedly (sources are NOT reputable) for providing support to Ham.  Nobody says what Petraeus did or said at the time, but it's hardly out of the ballpark to infer that highly-placed military figures used to getting their way with Republican chickenhawks were less than perfectly obedient to a mild-mannered President with no record of or appetite for military bluster.  And now Obama's cleaning house, quietly and methodically.

    One of the fundamental rules of the American system is that the civilian president must COMMAND the military, not vice-versa.  If military and intelligence leaders were insubordinate in the middle of a crisis, then they have to go.  For all his mild-mannered appearance, President Obama is neither a fool nor a doormat.  He's not going to keep on men who won't follow his orders when obedience is critical to maintaining world peace and preventing a bad situation from exploding in our faces.

    As a child raised in the military, I'm sometimes a little too willing to trust authority figures, but at some times -- in critical military situations -- that's what you HAVE to do.  The President IS the President.  If Petraeus, Carter, and Gaouette couldn't acknowledge that, then they aren't the officers he needs, and they have to go.  No conspiracy.  Just common sense.

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