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  •  Why every 30 seconds? (1+ / 0-)
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    Just out of curiosity. what is the real reason why they feel the need to repeat the message more than once?  Do they feel we'll forget we're on hold?

    While thirty seconds is better than 7 seconds, i really don't understand why they feel the need to tell us more than once.  In fact telling us we're on hold multiple times seems kind of insulting.

    •  Different messages I suppose, one of which gives (0+ / 0-)

      you options to transfer. Here's what happens on most of my lines:

      Call comes in
      Thank you for calling, all reps are busy, press 9 if this is an emergency, press 3 to leave a voicemail, blah blah blah.
      30 seconds of music
      Thank you for holding, blah blah blah.
      60 seconds of music
      Rinse and repeat.

      IIRC research shows that people are more likely to continue holding if they hear a voice every now and then than if its continuous music. Personally, I wanted to go with at least two minutes of music, but was overruled.

      Much of the clientele calling my work probably would forget why they're on hold, a lot of them are drunk/high/psychologically unstable. (Mental Health Facility)

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