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  •  Not just the propaganda, though. (9+ / 0-)

    The information on how this was going has been out there and easily accessible all along.  Romney himself was capable of reading it.  He just chose not to.  Instead he listened to the lies that his peeps were constantly telling him.  And they based them on the noise machine.  They also chose not to learn and deal with the truth.

    I first realized this when I saw Romney's face leading up to his Benghazi lie during the second debate.  His face was different than during his other lies - he really thought he had a gotcha.  He DID NOT KNOW the truth.  It's the only explanation for that face.

    After that it all made sense to me.  Their reactions are astonishing, stupid, etc.  But not that surprising.

    Like I've said before, that's what running on nothing more than a sense of entitlement gets them.

    •  For some of these people, the narrative dictates (5+ / 0-)

      that any source of information outside of their select conservative community is suspect and untrustworthy. So they ignore that because that's the story, that's the plot.

      This has been building for a very long time. I doubt the people running the show totally buy into this apocalyptic narrative so much as they cultivate it for the purposes of manipulation. But then again they have been at this for so long, perhaps even the higher-ups started to drink their own kool-aid.

      The old chestnut about Satanists [or insert hated, feared group] have infiltrated the highest offices of the land, have been prominent in conservative communities for at least the last 40 years.

      So this low information bunch is periodically ripe for the pickens--so to speak. Just waiting for the right people to come along who can play into this delusion and make it all make sense.

      The fact that Obama is the "wrong" color helps tremendously, because it gives them an out to hate him and fear him. They say its because they believe he is a Kenyan-Muslim, but we all know that is racism by proxy. These are excuses that allow them to avoid having to state outright, what the ACTUAL reason is--his race.

      Whenever anyone challenges this, they circle the wagons--only one of the damned would dare question the soldiers of the chosen.

      So in their minds this is an epic battle of good against evil.

      This also excuses them using terms like "real Americans". If you are evil--then you cannot really be an American. If you are evil--you can't really be human. Foreign objects can be disposed of, trampled on, denigrated.

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