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  •  Alas, some of us are related to them. (1+ / 0-)
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    I live as far out in the boonies as it's possible to legally live - my little homestead of 26 acres of southern Appalachian abundance is bordered by more than a million acres of national forest. Nearest neighbors are half a mile away... heck, my driveway's that long!

    But that doesn't mean I don't have to deal with old friends and relatives on a semi-regular basis.

    •  Heh. I don't think everyone (2+ / 0-)
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      Joieau, MichaelNY

      gets to truly appreciate what it is like to be in Red terrortory (misspelling intentional).

      By circumstance, I learned a woman who works the register at a local gas station is a Democrat. It was the night of the election after I escaped from cousin's phone call.

      We both tip-toed around who would win the election, both very aware of abrasive, often abusive commentary that would follow if it slipped we were Obama supporters. Finally, we understood that BOTH of us were Democrats and all out celebrated right there at the register!

      She said, "When I voted for Obama today, I just knew I was the only person in Pawnee County to do so."

      We are the rarity here. And, without even realizing, have become completely intimidated to share our views despite opposing views being crammed down our throats, and assumed to be ours as well.

      No more. I wont' be intimidated. Next time I find myself in a situation where someone is forcefully telling me how stupid Democrats are, I'm going to engage with courage. I don't care how many gunracks are hanging in their pick-up truck!

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