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View Diary: Did they really think only old white men would hear the dogwhistles? (223 comments)

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    I got into a discussion with one the Saturday before the Election.  He asked me what I thought the outcome would be.  I told him that I thought in the end Obama would win with about 300 EV and have a 2-3% PV advantage over Romney.  He pretty much went ballistic, asking how I could dispute the 7% lead Gallup was forecasting.  I told him that Gallup's methodology was flawed and mentioned the Marist poll reported that Friday.  He opined Marist had a liberal bias, and I told him that's funny because I had always felt Marist leaned right.  He then brought up Dick Morris's prediction.  I told him Morris hadn't been right in twenty years and that Nate Silver's analysis seemed more focused.  Nothing could break through the defense shields.  He wouldn't and couldn't make himself listen to any of it.  If most of them are like this fellow, they'll just continue to live in their own little universe as it wraps itself tighter and tighter until it evaporates like a small black hole when most of them pass on.  The politics of spite is not a pretty sight.

    "Love the Truth, defend the Truth, speak the Truth, and hear the Truth" - Jan Hus, d.1415 CE

    by PrahaPartizan on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 02:51:27 PM PST

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