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View Diary: "Surely We Have Perished" - Poets, Propaganda, and Dissenters in a Time of War (99 comments)

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  •  We like to think of the Iraq War II as (7+ / 0-)

    America's first war of aggression, but that would be leaving out the invasion of Mexico (Mexican-American War above) and the Spanish-American War.

    The Vietnam War was also unnecessary, having been fought due to the Domino Theory which proved to be untrue when Vietnam actually fell.  

    Anyway, I voted Iraq War II although it was pretty much equally as brazen an invasion as was our attack on Mexico and on the Spanish possessions of Cuba, Phillipines, etc.

    "The law is meant to be my servant and not my master, still less my torturer and my murderer." -- James Baldwin. July 11, 1966.

    by YucatanMan on Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 09:57:40 PM PST

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