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View Diary: Percent of White vote won by Obama 2012, by state (38 comments)

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  •  Blacks and Whites vote in about equal proportion (0+ / 0-)

    per the census (although it varies a bit by state). Latinos and Asians vote quite a bit less. Also, a lower proportion of Blacks and Latinos are eligible voters, but I don't have those figures handy for 2012.

    •  Not quite (1+ / 0-)
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      I'm looking at the census figures and the 2008 CNN exit polls and I see the following.

      Census (population over 18 in 2009):
      White not Hispanic 68%
      Hispanic/Latino 13%
      Black 12%
      Asian 5%

      White 74% (that means non-Latino)
      African-American 13%
      Latino 9%
      Asian 2%

      If you factor these numbers in,  the White/Obama numbers should go up somewhat, I am not sure how much.

      •  In a diary a few years ago (0+ / 0-)

        I found some census figures on proportion of eligible voters voting by race and state, but now the link has gone away. That is what's really needed here.

        Per your figures, Whites vote is weighted 74/68 = 1.088; Black 13/12 = 1.0833.  These are almost identical, meaning that the proportion of Whites and Blacks voting is nearly identical. Latinos and Asians vote much less.

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