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View Diary: Fox News busts it WIDE OPEN! (253 comments)

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  •  Problem is that there is some stories out there (4+ / 0-)

    that have old ladies crying in terror.

    Some old lady called cspan after Obama's speech and was so upset that so many had voted for him.
    I think she called him a killer and a coward because he had sat there and watched the Benghazi attack live on video and refused calls pleeding for help and wouldn't allow any help to go there. There is video proof that he could have gotten at least two of them saved and he refused.

    They just thanked her for her call and took the next caller. I don't know what hate media she heard it from but imagine believing all the hateful things are true...
    It would be scary.

    However your very serious post has me awed by Obama. Not saying I approve but it is very impressive that he plans ahead so well.  Petraeus met Broadwell when she was in graduate school at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He handed her his card his card offering her help...
    First that was clever, very clever. He asked her area of study and then gave his card without being asked... probably hypnotized but to get him to initiate the connection that way he'd be less suspicious.
    But what is really super duper awesome is that it was 6 years ago. Oh that clever Obama.
    Well I hear terrorists are patient. Plus Hillary was probably also secretly terrorist trained so if she had won they still would have needed to get all this in motion.

    I suspect all Dem presidents are very very bad and that fox has proof.

    We are busted

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