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View Diary: Why does Obama persist in screwing up the framing of his tax policy? (70 comments)

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  •  No - just that Obama's not the greatest salesman (2+ / 0-)
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    For some reason, Obama is humble to a fault!

    He has so much to feel good about, within himself, but he is reminding his audiences consistently that he isn't worthy, that he's not that good, that his staff is better than him, etc.

    He is kind of like the stereotypical "70s man" on steroids - meaning that he is so gentle and so sensitive and warm hearted that he seems afraid to even say what it is that he wants, or if he does, then instantly feels almost guilty about it and wants a group "kumbaya" singalong.

    Today, right now, what we Dems need in the White House is a clever, savvy "boxer" type.   Bill Clinton could handle a situation like this well - he's a mental (kung fu) boxer - uses mental judo to perplex his opponent and use their own energy to make them fall flat on their faces.

    So Obama doesn't need to become the violent brutal boxer type - that's not the point.  But he is still stuck in his admiration for the ultimate wimp/simp Tom Daschle, who won the absolute contempt of all Americans for having the spine of a jellyfish.  Why Obama has stuck with the Daschle approach to government is a perplexing puzzlement.

    His passivity and willingness to allow Boehner and McConnell to overpower him has gotten to the point that it makes a lot of his followers feel semi-nauseous.  And his opponents cannot believe what a self-made victim Obama has made himself into.  They are bullies, and they are sadistic, and so they are not only not going to back down, but are going to amp up on the bullying.

    Our President is still in a honeymoon glow, and it will last a few more weeks, but before too long, if he doesn't learn how to stand up for himself (and for us, his constituents), he is going to get the sh*t kicked out of him.  And, like most kids who get bullied, the victim will earn nothing but contempt, and the bully will get away with it once again.

    What Obama needs, since he has really shown himself to be a repeated victimizee, is a kind of political bodyguard.  This could have been Joe Biden, and still could be, but Obama's team won't let Biden play that role.   There are a host of other guys like Ted Strickland who could jump in there and handle a lot of the boxing that needs to be done.    The best bodyguard type would be Bill Clinton, because he is the absolute master of politcal ju-jitsu.

    Obama is actually setting himself to be kicked around, and no one in the rough and tumble world of politics seriously believes in the idea of bipartisanship.   It is an intensely partisan world, and that is just the way the game is played.  Boehner will come out and box him every day, and Obama just stands there, and he will look like a fool with an increasing number of bruises and broken bones every day.

    Not a lame duck yet, but his appeals for cooperation have already fallen on Boehner & McConnell's deaf ears, and as a result, he could become lame so quickly that his lame duck years begin almost as soon as he is inaugurated.

    •  "His passivity ... (0+ / 0-)

      makes a lot of his followers feel semi-nauseous"?

      A "self-made victim"?

      A "repeated victimizee"?

      He "will look like a fool"?


      "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the universe." -- Albert Einstein

      by Neuroptimalian on Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 06:53:15 PM PST

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