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View Diary: The Most Annoying Thing Markos Did in 2012 (73 comments)

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  •  So what. Let them. By now you should know (0+ / 0-)

    that CNN saw a tie whenever Obama was ahead by 5, and Romney with major momentum when a poll showed Obama +1.   They took major lumps from conservatives when they were more on the liberal side (during the Clinton years) and have been trying to overcompensate into the other direction ever since.  

    In addition to their overcompensation and their general "need" to create a horserace for ratings and ad Dollars, there is also a "real" substantive movement to the right to attract conservative viewers in CNN land, as seen via  several right-wing analyst hires (including right-wing nutjob Erick Erickson.)

    But, BUT:

    1. Why would what CNN does or doesn't do (including publishing a snap poll that included more Republicans than Democrats) be the topic of an investigative diary the day after?   Who cares?  FoxNews had Karl Rove performing cartwheels and Frank Luntz showing a focus group that claimed that the Kenyan-Indonesian-Socialist-Nazi-Atheist-Muslim has a lazy eye and his pocket teleprompter ran out of batteries.   SO WHAT?   Move on.  Work on shaping the next news cycle to change the narrative.  Don't worry about what a network obviously interested in creating a horse race does or doesn't do.  Sure, a comment here and there about how CNN has gone to the dogs, but a whole whiny diary?

    2.  And now you are doubling down with another installation of a whine fest?  Why?  WHY?   This diary is clearly a vanity.  The comment and attack on kos should have been in the form of a simple comment in the article this diary decries.   That would have been the proper way, as that would have opened a dialogue within the thread you have a problem with, with the OP of that thread (kos) then being asked for a response.   Calling him out with a vanity diary is childish, serves no purpose other than the selfish need to express outrage at what in the end is a simple disagreement.


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