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View Diary: Minnesota Election Postmortem: OGGoldy's report card (38 comments)

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    OGGoldy, Ricola, rapala, Jake Nelson

    Really enjoyed the write up. Couple of questions for you:
    - Any idea how long Kline sticks around?
    - Will Obermuller run for something in the meantime?
    - Will holding SD 20 be tough in a midterm with Olaf and Carleton turnout potentially down in Northfield?

    OH-1 (born and raised ), MN-2 (college), CA-53 (grad school), IA-2 (postdoc)

    by aamail6 on Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 06:35:47 PM PST

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      Jake Nelson

      1: That's up to Kline. He could retire in 2014 when he has to give up his chairmanship, or he could retire in 20 years. He is in his mid-60s so it could go either way.

      2: Obermueller is in a tough spot. All of the legislative seats in his neck of the woods were won by Democrats, and he isn't the type to primary a friend.

      3: Yes, but not just in midterms. That's going to be a tough seat to hold for anyone, Democrat or Republican.

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        Jake Nelson

        Do you think Obermuller would have gone for SD 20 if we hadn't picked it up?

        Also do you think we'll pick up the 25 and 26 senate and house seats (that we don't have) over the course of the decade? If so how long do you think it might take?

        If Paulsen tries to move up this decade, do you think Bonoff could pick up MN-3?

        OH-1 (born and raised ), MN-2 (college), CA-53 (grad school), IA-2 (postdoc)

        by aamail6 on Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 08:01:33 PM PST

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          1: I think Obermueller was always shooting higher than state senate, but he may have been able to be talked into it

          2: It's hard to say. The Rochester faction of the DFL is not very organized and really is kneecapping us in terms of maximizing gains in the voter gains we've been making there

          3: I would like Bonnoff to, but she is so incredibly skittish that I doubt her gumption when it comes down to it.

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      Senators terms are 4, 4, then 2 years.

      They are in their first 4 year term starting in 2013. The next senate election is in 2016. The next midterm senate election will be in 2022.

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