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    Azazello, MichaelNY

    after seeing this comment and for the record, you all saw that my instinct was towards her position that the law was intended for two elected terms. I don't think taking over counts for term limits in any other state of my knowledge - and I actually know it does not in many.
    So curious what the language in AZ might be that might make that ambiguous there.
    Hear me out, I would love to be rid of her but interesting I instinctively assumed she could which is in essence her position.

    Now the key question is: I know she didn't get along with Legislature Republicans in her first "term" and that is why signed those horrible anti-immigrants measures. Now that the sugar-high from Latino-bashing has faded though and that they are back in the thick of governing, is she back to feuding with them? Would Republicans in the state WANT her to successfully challenge the term limit language or are they secretly rooting for this to be an open seat?

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