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  •  analysis shouldn't focus on minority demographics (2+ / 0-)
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    jriches, surfbird007

    hi 007 . I also thought the Brooks piece was great, it delivered a psychological/economic analysis of "minority" voting

    imo Dems should never use the word "minorities" to explain the election . first of all, what the heck is a "minority" nowadays? we're all in this crazy world as individuals -- and secondly, it diverts attention from policy + values + microeconomics

    one more thing . and I say this as a 56 yo white .
    the world seems a lot different nowadays to whites > 40 yo because IT IS A LOT DIFFERENT !! lol

    Dems need to find common ground with Republicans and explain why Dem policies + values are not threats -- just different psychological responses to 21st C. life
    < nobody, on the left or the right, likes to be demonized !!
    as the saying goes, "Walk a mile in their shoes" >

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