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  •  They understand that the truth can be unpopular. (4+ / 0-)

    The conservative religious group 'The Family' somewhat idolizes the leadership tactics of various brutal dictators (Hitler, Stalin, etc...).  They have said before that such people, while bad, were wonderful models of how to be a strong leader, and find their tactics to be worthy of studying.  They also believe that people achieve leadership positions because god puts them in charge.

    Naturally, this means that no matter what a leader does, it's okay because god approves of them.  I don't know why the same can't be said for democratic leaders, but it's their crazy theology, and things always work out that way for theocrats.

    This lying thing makes complete sense in that context.  When you have an objective evil like...  Secular multiculturalism, anything done to combat it is justified.

    Interesting factoid, democratic-ish countries can be defeated from within by fanatic opposition parties with no interest in compromise.  Groups like 'The Family' seek their power by trying to remain hidden from public view, while telling their members about history, in order to use these tactics for their own agenda.

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