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  •  The original settlers also... (2+ / 0-)
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    rapala, Minnesota Deb

    Believed in the role of government.  I mean, they established one, eh?

    What exactly does it take these days to rise? What exactly happens to the ambitious kid in Akron at each stage of life in this new economy? What are the best ways to rouse ambition and open fields of opportunity?
    Look, this I agree with, David.  Let us take a look at what is stopping people from rising, because we're not going to find the jack-booted feet of the government, we're going to find inadequate educational systems (exacerbated by the move to for-profit schools), we're going to find an established and growing aristocracy (the rich), we're going to find theocracy determining what's acceptable thought and what is not, and we are going to find oppression (of votes, of specific races.)

    What we are also going to find is that the role of the government has been shrinking, that the ability of government to correct these faults has been hamstrung.

    And we're going to find that one party has been behind all of that.

    So, let's do that study.  Please.

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