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  •  This election changed my mind (15+ / 0-)

    The election turned out to be much less close than the polls indicated.  Still, the national/state polling divide was more or less accurate -- Obama really was leading in almost every swing state while leading nationally by a much smaller margin.

    We now know that this was due to the surgical nature of his campaign.  Obama's team knew exactly where to find the vote and turn it out, and they expended just enough energy to generate 51% of the vote in 9 swing states, and couldn't care less about the margin in the non-contested states.

    So, Obama played the electoral college.  But think about what it would tell us if Romney had managed to gin up more of the Southern white vote and close the popular vote gap.

    It would tell us that the South was on an island, out of step with the rest of the country, and that they were voting in disproportionate numbers on the basis of regional and racial hatred.  The primary function of the electoral college is to account for this.  It smooths out regional imbalances and forces candidates to compete everywhere.

    I sure don't want a bunch of angry pseudo-Confederates turning out in droves and distorting the national vote.  That's why I now see the wisdom of the electoral college.

    •  To amplify (7+ / 0-)

      When tcorse advocated a "truly national election", I agree, but without the Electoral College we need a different way to make it truly national.

      On a straight popular vote, the Democrat will spend all his or her money going from 60% to 80% in California, and the Republican will spend all his time and money raising his vote percentage in the slave states.

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