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    Unprocessed ballots

    If I'm reading it right, as of the 11/9 unprocessed ballots report, reflecting mostly the state of the count as of 11/8, only three counties had entirely finished their counts. While 100% of counties have filed some report, that doesn't mean they've finished reporting (only 3 small ones have). As of the 11/9 report, there are an estimated 3,334,495 ballots unprocessed, of which about 2.3 million are vote-by-mail, about 922,000 provisional, and about 97,000 other (e.g., damaged). If you apply the statewide percentages derived from already-reported counts, Obama would be expected to pick up almost 2 million more votes.  A more conservative estimate (mail votes more likely to count than provisional or spoiled) yields about 1.4 million. Counties are allowed to estimate the unprocessed ballots, so there's lots of wiggle room here.

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